CBS Advantage

  1. Low cost market entry: No requirement of huge capital investment.

  2. Quick and easy: Our CBS services have it all under one roof i.e. Strategy formulation, promotion activities, sales, CRM and much more. It simplifies and shortens the entire process for you. So much that your business operations can start in as less as three months.

  1. Continuous positive impression about brand through expert advice: Consumers are continuously exposed to expert advice and unique experiences online as well as offline. The brand engagement created through CBS is would be favourable and there is nothing better than positive reinforcement for a brand.

  1. Well integrated & Seamless process integration for a seamless customer experience

  1. Data analysis: Extensive market research and data analysis for your business to expand and establish in new territories. Data driven intelligence form forms the backbone of any entity, especially for those targeting to push the laggards or enter white space markets amid tough competition.

Who should benefit the most?

CBS, the unique offering from Milque is bound to help small and large businesses, corporate giants, joint ventures and so on. Those who can benefit by availing services of CBS includes but not limited to:

  • Corporates or businesses looking for additional sales.

  • Business owners looking for a unique clutter breaking promotional push

  • Those who want to test market before taking the big plunge.

  • Brands or entities that have laggards in their basket.

  • Those who want to expand into new territories.

  • Players who want to push into International market.