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"Where there is Milk, there is nourishment”

Milk has the same magical effect on business as it has on the human body. It builds bones and teeth. Enhances the immune system. Blocks the absorption of toxic materials. Helps heal wounds. Improves eyesight. And even prevents ageing.

Milk Infotech develops your competitive muscles as you push your business forward in a world where only swiftest, leanest and toughest cast a global shadow.

Milk at a glance: 10 facts

  1. Operations in Singapore and Gurgaon
  2. Supported by large MNCs in India and Singapore
  3. Professional leadership team from large corporates
  4. Over 200 team members and growing rapidly
  5. Developed unique, proprietary IT enabled Sales Platform
  1. Created unique Cost Optimisation Process to boost sales and realtime Data Management
  2. Dedicated software development team building new age web based products, applications
  3. Incubated a new age digital marketing company - Digitigi Technologies
  4. Incubated an internet based Edutech platform - Intercell Technologies
  5. Practicing AI, ML

The Backbone

Milk is a team of experienced IT and marketing professionals with over two decades of experience in managing large and innovative projects. The mentors are seasoned and the drivers on ground are energetic, idea driven and focused. Milk has evolved understanding of business and technology to create a news environment that focuses on building sharper consumer engagements.

Bring new frontiers of technology to transform legacy environment.

Honesty, Transparency, Inquisitiveness, Entrepreneurial, Professional

Founder: Pulak Chakraborty

Today whenever I go, whatever I do, I am touched by the power of IT, telecom and internet. When I started my career in 1986, human skill was supreme. Life was very different. It was complex and slow. Today I don’t need to own a car to travel in the comfort of a car, I don’t need to blindly book a room of a known chain to spend a safe, comfortable night in an unknown country, I don’t need to invest my lifetime savings in a house to have a permanent address. There are many such examples. I did not want to retire without putting my finger in this fascinating world of IT enabled revolutions happening around us.

The starting point of this was my days with Apple Computer way back in 1993. Apple taught me how technology can give us the power to be our best and how visionaries can change the way we live. So when my time came it could not be anything but Milk.

Milk for me is a mission - to create something new to help people do better in life and in business. Experts say that a new enterprise takes 100 days to survive and 1000 days to stabilise. I am happy that within 1000 days Milk has grown from a 10 member operation to a 200 member enterprise, operating in four different areas.

This is just the beginning. In next 1000 days, Milk will change the way students and young professionals succeed in their work life companies grow their businesses around the world. In that process I want Milk to become a successful enterprise on the foundations of sharp business sense, ethics and values to make life better for everyone associated with Milk.


"We are currently hiring seasoned professionals with proven skills in technologies/area like Magento, SuiteCRM, DevOps, Business Process Management (BPM), Customer Service Operations. Interested candidates can write to us on:"

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