A new way to engage with consumers

Our Starting Point

We all know that consumers are the reasons for the businesses to exist. We also know that keeping consumers happy is the key to success for any consumer-facing business. Gone are the days of supplementing needs and wants. Today’s businesses not only supplements latent needs but also create needs.

In this new era consumers are more informed and thus more demanding. Continuous engagement with the users create deeper engagement and that creates loyalty.

Vanilla Call Center is passe

Merely setting up a call center is not enough any more. Service through deep engagement will be key differentiator in today’s parity markets where consumers can hardly differentiate the differences between products and services. Consumers group brands and products based on their understanding on features and price and happily select brands from that basket unless they have a deep emotional connect with a particular brand.

That is where the back office touch point becomes significant for the businesses.

The Milk Approach

Team at Milk believes that customer care centers reflect the attitude and personality of a company. The system, process, quality and training modules must be designed to create delight, as an extended arm of the businesses instead of constant focus on generating more revenue for the center. Large outsourcing process are struggling today in balancing service standards and margin and they are cutting corners on daily basis which is defeating the reason for their existence. That’s why our approach to the center is driven by excellence not margin. This new approach has already proven valuable for the customer centric processes.

Discover Milk and discover how a small step can add big value to to your business.